We handle everything including booking performers, creating costumes, props and managing artists on site. With our company’s extensive experience in running the visual arts and performers for large scale events, we make it simple for you.
Our performance artists range from dancers, character actors, fire performers, hoopers, aerialist, stilt walkers, mimes, hula hoop performers, promotional models, makeup artist, hair stylists and photographers.
We pride ourselves on creating original character, prop and set designs to some of the biggest festival around the US. We add the MAGIC to your event.


Captivating Fire Performers

Living Statues

Surreal Aerialists

Character Engagements

Flow Art Performances

flow want



Be Prepared

No more worrying about your phone battery dying and losing out on pictures.

Save Money

No need to go to the store. We already went, and we got you the best prices.

Keep On Going

No more missing out on your favorite festival artists and experiences from not being prepared.